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Did you know that Martial Arts Training develops a Kids Self Esteem and Confidence 10x more than Team Sports?

Checkmat Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kids Martial Arts and Self Defense Program does just that for the local youth Tampa, Florida. Our program focuses on instilling values like respect, discipline, courage, integrity, and self control. Our Kids Martial Arts and Self Defense program teaches kids these values in a fun environment where they can progress at their own pace. We not only teach kids these life skills, but they will also learn effective ways to defend themselves. Giving your children the gift of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be the best thing you’ll ever do for them.

Our Kids are split up between two age groups:

LIttle Ninjas Class for 4-6 Year Olds

BJJ Kids Class for 7-12 Year Olds

Kids-Brazilian-Jiu-Jitsu-Class-Bully-Self-Defense_Oldsmar-03It is not a requirement, however We encourage all of our kids to eventually compete in Tampa Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments when they are ready. We offer an advanced Tampa Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition Class for the students that are training to compete at the tournament level.


A+ After school Program
We take pride in our Kids After school Program. As Mentors we are passionate about teaching our students, not only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but also how to be successful in all aspects of their life. Our A+ After School program is designed specifically to make sure your child completes their homework before they start their training.